Earn, save and swap tokens from a single dashboard

All-in-one DeFi management… made simple

We’re making DeFi simple with a truly user-friendly dashboard and automation. Select risk appetite and start earning a second income with a click.

Announcement: Earnbase Pro will launch first – please see updated roadmap

Liquidity mining and ENB staking is live

We have now listed our governance token ENB on Uniswap. Plus. we’ve released a basic app so you can provide liquidity right now to start earning trading fees and ENB.

DeFi has a big problem – here’s how we aim to fix it…


Automatically invest your crypto wherever it provides the highest yield.


Put stablecoins in a savings account and earn the highest possible interest.


Deposit ENB to receive ENB rewards and take part in governance.


Swap between your favorite tokens directly from the dashboard.

Earn – here’s how it works

You deposit crypto to our platform (smart contracts). The platform will then continuously move your crypto across different protocols to achieve the highest yield. This is called automatic yield farming.

Save – here’s how it works

You deposit a stablecoin to our platform (smart contracts). The platform will then automatically lend out your funds to the highest lending rate on supported platforms (like Compound & Aave). This is called a yield aggregator.

The smart contracts will allow us to automate strategies and pool our funds together

You could do all of this manually; but it would require a lot of time, knowledge and money (to pay for hundreds of transactions yourself). Instead of 500 people making 500 transactions separately, the smart contract will make one transaction. Each user will only pay a fraction of the transaction fee and enjoy an automated process.

A fair launch token – no presale

ENB is the governance token for the earnbase ecosystem. It will be rewarded to all users in the ecosystem. Anyone holding the token will be able to participate in protocol decisions.

Token symbol


Max supply



Ecosystem rewards


Community airdrop







ENB is now listed on Uniswap

A long-term distribution for a long-term vision

We believe that a truly fair ecosystem should allow users to earn rewards regardless if they join early or late. Earnbase users will be able to earn ENB for over 15 years since only 4% of remaining rewards are released per month, with a slightly smaller amount being released each month as the remaining supply is depleted.

Ecosystem revenue

Earnbase will earn revenue through withdrawal fees, performance fees and swap fees. The treasury will buy and burn ENB equal to 50% of all revenue generated. The remaining 50% will cover the operating cost and fund further development.

ENB holder benefits

ENB holders will be able to take part in protocol decisions to decide such things as how users can earn rewards and which new products and features we implement on the platform. Plus, holders will enjoy fee discounts once Project Atlas is launched.



– Smart contracts for liquidity farming and governance
– 3rd party security audit
– Basic UX for liquidity farming and governance

In progress

Earnbase Pro – web app

– Track performance and holdings of any ETH address

– Track and stake tokens (governance and farming)

– Track and manage liquidity positions with/without farming

– Track and manage positions in strategies

– Track and manage synthetic assets

– Track and manage loans

– View transaction history

– Buy crypto with debit card or bank transfer and get funds added directly to your wallet

– Explore and track the performance of ERC-20 tokens on the market

– Route your swaps to the DEX with the best exchange rate

– View NFTs


Earnbase on L2 – web app

– Invest in strategies

– Save with stablecoins

– Swap tokens

– Stake ENB


– iOS & Android apps

Project Atlas – a new era of DeFi

Launching in 2021

All roads lead to Atlas. Project Atlas is what we believe will make decentralized finance mainstream and be the backbone of our future economy. And of course, Atlas will be connected to the earnbase governance token.

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The information disclosed on this website does not constitute financial advice. The earnbase team does not endorse any cryptocurrency investments and it is critical for the investor to conduct their own due diligence. ENB is the governance token for the Earnbase ecosystem and it does not have any financial value. Holding ENB does not grant you any other rights than to vote on protocol decisions. By purchasing or earning ENB you agree that it is not a security or investment. By using the Earnbase platform you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. The platform utilizes and interacts with smart contracts that poses a significant risk to all users, you are solely responsible for the safety of your funds at all times. You also agree that the team is presenting the ecosystem and token “as is” and is not legally required to provide any support or services. Always make sure that you are in compliance with your local laws and regulations.